A containerized Monero daemon for easy deployment of a Monero node.
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Monero Node Container

The examples in this document use the podman command. Just swap with the docker command if you are using Docker.


This project aims to simplify the process of hosting a Monero node. Use either Podman or Docker to deploy a containerized image of the Monero CLI.

See the container registry for the latest image and available versions.


IMPORTANT: Since the latest tag has a high chance of introducing a breaking change, it is recommended that you pin the image using the major version tags (ie. 0.17, 0.18). This way, a manual change is required to update to the next major version. Use this opportunity to make backups in case something goes wrong.

To run a container, use either podman run or define a service in a compose.yaml file.


To run with podman run:

podman run -v ./bitmonero:/home/monero/.bitmonero -v ./monero-wallet:/wallet -p 18080:18080 -p 18081:18081 -p 18089:18089 code.fosterhangdaan.com/foster/monero-node-container:0.18


To define a service in a compose.yaml file:

version: "3.8"

    image: code.fosterhangdaan.com/foster/monero-node-container:0.18
    container_name: monero-node
    restart: unless-stopped
      # Incoming peers
      - "18080:18080"
      # RPC
      - "18081:18081"
      # Restricted RPC
      - "18089:18089"
      # Contains the blockchain
      - ./bitmonero:/home/monero/.bitmonero
      # Generate your wallet via accessing the container and run:
      # cd /wallet
      # monero-wallet-cli
      - ./monero-wallet:/wallet
      - "--p2p-bind-ip="
      - "--p2p-bind-port=18080"
      - "--p2p-external-port=18080"
      - "--rpc-bind-ip="
      - "--rpc-bind-port=18081"
      - "--rpc-restricted-bind-ip="
      - "--rpc-restricted-bind-port=18089"
      - "--non-interactive"
      - "--confirm-external-bind"
      - "--no-igd"
      - "--public-node"


To build the image:

podman build .


Please send patches and bug reports by email to one of the maintainers. See the Core Maintainers section for a list of contacts.

Refer to this guide if you are not familiar with sending Git patches over email.

Core Maintainers


Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE.txt.


Copyright 2023 Foster Hangdaan