A collection of wallpapers to enrich your Tokyo Night setup.
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Tokyo Night Icon

Tokyo Night Wallpapers


A collection of wallpapers to enrich your Tokyo Night setup.

🤝 Contributing

If possible, include the lossless version of the wallpaper such as an SVG. These can be used to produce new color variants or resolutions.

To keep the repo organized, please stick to the naming convention: wallpaper-name_id_resolution.extension. The id is for differentiating another wallpaper with the same name; it starts at 00. Lossless formats such as an SVG should have scalable or lossless in the resolution field. Some examples:


Thanks to all who contribute! 🙏

Placing wallpapers

Folder Name Description
night, storm, light Contains wallpapers which adhere to the color scheme of their respective theme variant.
misc Contains wallpapers which match two or more of the theme variants. If the wallpaper doesn't fit in any specific variant, it probably belongs here.